NEW VIDEO! Brisbane Writers Festival: Love YA! 2014 | Laini Taylor, Amie Kaufman +

I thought that I’d vlog my (pretty short) experience at the Brisbane Writers Festival 2014 for you all as I met Amie Kaufman (co-author of These Broken Stars) and Laini Taylor (author of the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series)! The two authors held a very interesting session dedicated primarily to romance in young adult literature, but we also delved into writing advice, other fantastic novels within the genre, our fictional boyfriends, inspiration and some of their other works in progress! I also attended a few other sessions however could not film that experience unfortunately. Overall it was very enjoyable and the signed books (and complimentary goodie bag) was also a bonus! Let me know if you’d like a post that breaks down the event in more detail.
Please give it a watch if you have a spare 3 minutes and comment, rate & subscribe!

ALSO: So sorry for the lack of activity on this blog, I’m still trying to juggle it with youtube! I’ve been meaning to do an Alienated review for a few weeks now, but things have been getting very stressful with schoolwork, sickness, camp and life in general. Plus it’s only 9 days until I depart for my vacation at the US!
– Arya xx


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