NEW VIDEO: ‘Would You Rather’ | Bookish Tag!

SUP PEEPS! I’ve just recently posted a new YouTube video (it’s a tag video, yay!) and it’s the ‘Would You Rather’ game – but about BOOKS. Yep. I did really enjoy the questions, so I hope you’ll enjoy my answers! Please check out the video and comment, rate and subscribe if you enjoyed it. I’m still new, so please excuse any faults while I get on my feet!

Also, I’d like to quickly send out an apology for my inactivity. I did explain it further into the video, however I think it’s important to also write one out. I’ve been so incredibly busy (and stressed…) recently as I had school camp for a week, then Brisbane Writers’ Festival, then 2 weeks of holidays which I spend in the USA (got no rest at all – talk about burn out!) and then back at school while moving houses, and now I have finals in less than two weeks. I’m trying to keep everything from falling apart so if I’m away for a bit, it’s because of that! I know I haven’t done many written reviews lately – I’ve been posting them mainly on my Goodreads (aryapower) but I’m still adjusting to the two review outlets. Hopefully a system will sort itself out soon.

Anyways, who else is excited for Halloween? I’ve just started Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs and am so far enjoying it, but I’m only about 40 pages in so it’s a bit too early to say. What are you currently reading?

– Arya xx


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