review policy

A Wilderness of Words is a book review website that focuses on a broad range of literary works, but primarily on the Fantasy, Sci-Fi , Paranormal and Young Adult genres. However, I read and review books in a number of varying genres that include:

  • Urban Fantasy
  • High Fantasy
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Fantasy/Romance
  • Horror
  • Paranormal
  • Paranormal/Romance
  • Young Adult
  • Sci-Fi
  • Sci-Fi/Romance
  • Historical
  • Historical/Romance
  • Contemporary/Romance

I primarily read fiction, however I may make exceptions. The genres above are the categories of which I read and review mostly, however I do not limit myself to reading works of those specific genres.
I accept both ARC’s and current releases.

As I am the sole reviewer at A Wilderness of Words, I may not be able to accommodate every review request. I will reply to your request within a week of request delivery, however if you do not hear a reply within this time please feel free to send me a ‘nudge’, as emails may be lost amidst spam.
While I much prefer to receive print editions when possible, in some cases I may accept PDF copies.
I post my reviews on both this blog and Goodreads.

I am an honest book reviewer, and as this is the case, I am not under any obligation to give every review book positive feedback. However, this does not mean book-bashing – I take care to keep my reviews as respectful and professional as possible. I will only accept books that I think I may enjoy and/or are of interest to me.

If you have a set date of which you need the book reviewed by, I will place the book among my TBR priorities and ensure to have it in on time. I also participate in book tours, and enjoy conducting interviews with authors or hosting guest posts.

To request a review, please contact me (Arya Power) directly at:

with the following information:

  • Name/Position and Email
  • Book Title
  • Author
  • Genre
  • Synopsis/Blurb
  • Series Number
  • Publication Date



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